03 Feb 2022 5:34 PM | Anonymous

Biotechnology Courses at the BTC Institute – stipends available


Looking to incorporate more biotechnology into your curriculum?  The BTC Institute in Madison is offering 2, one-week summer courses to help you reach that goal!  We are planning for Biotechnology: Beyond The Basics in-person (July 11-15, 2022), and Biotechnology: The Basics in-person (July 25-29, 2021). 


Find out why one 2021 participant wrote: This was such a valuable week.  I would recommend this workshop to any colleague interested in the topic.”  


Both courses are offered for stipends and optional graduate education credit.  See: for details and registration.


The North Dakota Science Teachers Association is a group of interdisciplinary science educators. Our membership is open to K-12 classroom teachers, university faculty, informal educators, concerned citizens, and business personnel.

Our Mission Statement: 
"Science is part of everyone’s natural curiosity and encompasses all aspects of our lives.  It has had an impact on human history and promises to have an influence on the future.  The NDSTA seeks to:  inspire, promote and support excellence in science education and learning.  We will therefore, voice the continued need for quality science education in the state of North Dakota."

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