NDSTA announces our 2021-2022 Saturday Session Professional Development!

Our next Saturday PD session for this school year will be held on November 6thSessions will be held from 8:00-10:00 AM, and from 10:00AM-12:00PM (Central time). Please visit the Events tab or visit the link here to register for this event.  The November PD session will be offered free of charge to all participants.  We only ask that you give us your feedback and spread the word to friends and colleagues if you enjoy the event so we can grow throughout the school year ahead!

NDSTA announces our 2021-2022 Saturday Session Professional Development!

After a challenging, exhausting, but rewarding 2020-2021, the NDSTA executive board has been considering our plan for the upcoming school year and how we can best offer professional development and networking opportunities to our members and to all science educators across North Dakota.  

The board has decided on a new approach for the coming year as the uncertainty of scheduling and facilities, and the challenges of funding in many school districts across the state make it difficult to plan a traditional conference without a lot of variables and risk. 

NDSTA plans to offer a series of virtual Saturday sessions for professional development for science teachers, starting on September 11th.  Starting in October, our other 2021 sessions will be held on the first Saturday of each month.  (Dates for our 2022 sessions are being finalized.)  Each Saturday will include two sessions - from 8:00AM-10:00 AM, and from 10:00 AM-Noon, Central time.  Our goal is to offer sessions in as many of the main subject areas as possible, to include life/biological sciences, physical sciences, and earth sciences. These sessions will be free to NDSTA members, and available for a fee to non-members.  Credit will be available for those who accrue sufficient hours by participation in multiple Saturday sessions throughout the school year; details on credit are being finalized. 

We are actively seeking presenters for these sessions, and will offer a stipend to help compensate presenters who are selected for their time.  If you are interested in presenting a session, please contact Ryan Bleth (ryan_bleth@bismarckschools.org) or JoAnn Schapp (Joschapp@brhs.com) for more information.  

Biotechnology Courses at the BTC Institute – stipends available

Looking to incorporate more biotechnology into your curriculum?  The BTC Institute in Madison is offering 2 sessions of summer course Biotechnology: The Basics to help you reach that goal!  We are planning for Biotechnology: The Basics in-person (July 12-16, 2021), and Biotechnology: The Basics virtual (July 26-30, 2021). 

Find out why one 2020 participant wrote: The course met and honestly exceeded my expectations!  I was hesitant when the course went online, but I loved that we had the option to still take the course during the pandemic.  The BEST part was that the instructors continued to do hands on activities with real equipment…the course was AMAZING and one of the best I have taken.”

Both courses are offered for stipends and optional graduate education credit.  See: https://www.btci.org/k-12-programs/programs-for-teachers/   for details and registration.

Barbara Bielec, M.S. Genetics

K-12 Program Director, BTC Institute



The North Dakota Science Teachers Association is a group of interdisciplinary science educators. Our membership is open to K-12 classroom teachers, university faculty, informal educators, concerned citizens, and business personnel.

Our Mission Statement: 
"Science is part of everyone’s natural curiosity and encompasses all aspects of our lives.  It has had an impact on human history and promises to have an influence on the future.  The NDSTA seeks to:  inspire, promote and support excellence in science education and learning.  We will therefore, voice the continued need for quality science education in the state of North Dakota."

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