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08 May 2017 2:14 PM | Anonymous

Below is an email I received from Hal Phoenix out of Ellendale, who just moved here from Colorado and is soon to become an NDSTA member.  This is a growing request regardless of location/district size, so maybe our members have some solutions:

I teach at a Hutterite Colony for Ellendale Public Schools. Next year I will have 6-9th graders (12) and I need to teach Earth Science. However, I don't have any textbooks. The Colony won't buy them and my district won't buy them. Could the Science Association help? Either put me in touch with a teacher/district that is replacing their classroom textbooks and would be willing to donate their old textbooks to my class or with a grant to buy some textbooks?

I don't think he would object if you contacted him directly at:

The North Dakota Science Teachers Association is a group of interdisciplinary science educators. Our membership is open to K-12 classroom teachers, university faculty, informal educators, concerned citizens, and business personnel.

Our Mission Statement: 
"Science is part of everyone’s natural curiosity and encompasses all aspects of our lives.  It has had an impact on human history and promises to have an influence on the future.  The NDSTA seeks to:  inspire, promote and support excellence in science education and learning.  We will therefore, voice the continued need for quality science education in the state of North Dakota."

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